Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Snow Sister By Emma Carroll

An exciting and at times sad story , set in Victorian England at Christmas.

Pearl was a young girl whose sister Agnes had died . Each winter since then she had made a snow sister and dressed it with an item of Agnes's clothing . This had helped to ease her pain at the loss of her sister which was even worse at Christmas time.

When Pearl Grangers family receive a letter saying that her father's rich brother had died , they think he has left them a fortune. So her father goes down to Bath for the will reading and her mother prepares a Christmas feast.

She sends Pearl down to the shops to get some ingredients for a Christmas pudding but soon after her adventure get back home in time for Christmas day !

It was quite a short read but so well described that I could feel the cold winter and the warmth of the fire as I read the words.
The monochromatic illustrations added more depth to the story.

I really liked this book and think it would be a great for girls/boys age 9+
I rate it 7/10

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