Sunday, 18 October 2015

An Eagle In The Snow By Michael Morpurgo

An EAGLE in the SNOW is a beautifully written story , with a story within it. It is about how one man could have changed the course of history, not by what he had done ,but by what he could have done

Upon being evacuated from their bombed out home , Barney and his mother take the train to Cornwall to Barney's aunts-away from the bombings .

On the train to London a German bomber plane tries to bomb their train!

As they wait in a tunnel, a stranger begins to tell a story about his friend called Billy Byron ,and like a ball of wool the story slowly unravels.
The story of Billy Byron , the man who could have saved the world from world war two?!?!

I enjoyed reading this story , full of twists and turns of a mans life . It is conveyed in a way that although terrible things happened during the war , it wasn't distressing to read . I wouldn't usually chose to read a wartime story but I am glad I read this one . The ending left me asking myself questions.

I found the Afterword about Henry Tandy interesting because it was his life that was woven into the story , it enabled me to appreciate how Michael Morpurgo had written it.

A great book for fans of Michael Morpurgo as it does not disappoint!

I rate it 9/10 for boys/girls 10+

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