Friday, 4 July 2014

My review for The Dangerous Discoveries of Gully Potchard. By Julia Lee.

An exciting adventure set in Victorian times.There are lots of twists and turns in the plots and many interesting characters,even ones with "psychic powers !" 
A great story,I enjoyed every word!

Gulliver Potchard lives with his Aunt,Uncle and cousins in a small terraced house in the south of England.
His mother travels the world working , taking children to and from boarding schools and so he is left in the care of his Aunty Hetty.

Gully gets mixed up with a rough gang of boys who he knew at school.It is because of them that he gets sacked from his job as errand boy at Janners' Printers.
Dogs go missing and are held captive by the gang , who plan to ransom them.
Gully helps to return one dog to its rightful owner and he enlists the help of his cousin Whitby to help reunite another dog with its famous owner too.But this is only the beginning !

He tries to escape the gang before they discover what he has done.So he travels to the Isle of Wight to visit his Uncle ABC .

On his last delivery job he meets Agnes Glass , who spends her time in an attic schoolroom in her rich families house.Her cat has gone missing and he helps her to design flyers,to be printed at Janners' Printers.He touches some of Oscar the cats fur,left on his bed ,and has strange visions of how the cat is feeling and its surroundings.

Agnes has poor health and wears a built up shoe.Her mother sends her to The Isle of Wight to stay with her older sister Charlotte and her family.Her mother tells her it's because she looks paler than usual and that it will do her good to have a break from her studies.

Her older brother Randolf is in trouble with depts and Agnes thinks that that is the reason she is sent away.Will Gully and Agnes meet again on the island?

I really enjoyed reading it and could not predict the ending.

 Both boys and girls would enjoy this book.
Suitable for age 9+ 
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