Monday, 27 July 2015

Red Moon Rising-By Paula Harrison.

A magical fast paced adventure about  faeries and friendship.

Red Moon Rising by Paula HarrisonLaney Rivers feels normal until on her twelfth birthday as she was walking home from school she notices a blood red moon and things begin to change.

Later that evening she had an accident and burnt her finger on her birthday candle as she was putting it on her cake.

She notices her iris in her eyes have turned a golden colour around the edges and she goes into her bedroom to take a closer look. Once she is in her bedroom she turns into a faerie with wings and a pale blue dress ,hovering above the floor!

With help from the faerie elders and her friend Claudia she begins to learn how to control being a faerie.
It turns out that on her home island of Skellmo a lot of her friends are also faeries.

But there is a problem ,the Shadow tribe is back and before Laney knows it she might just be the one to keep the faerie world together.

I didn't really get "grabbed " by this book but I'd give it 3/5 stars and think readers aged 9+ would enjoy it

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