Thursday, 1 May 2014

My review for The Apple Tart of Hope by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald.

 An emotional teenage story about love,friendship and hope. A real tear-jerker .

Oscar goes missing and is presumed dead ,but his brother Stevie and friend Meg believe he is still alive and they never give up hope.

I found the story a bit gloomy at the beginning but still wanted to find out what actually happened.

It was confusing at first as the chapters switch viewpoints between the two main characters , but as the story continued I got used to it.

Meg writes a 'love letter' to Oscar but doesn't post it because she thinks it will ruin their friendship.But when Paloma moves into Meg's old house she finds the letter hidden under the mattress-will she post it ?

Emails between Oscar,Meg and Paloma tell the story too.

I would like to have seen some illustrations in this book but it was good to see 'Oscar's tips to make the perfect apple tart' at the end.

This is a bit of a teenage love story.I thought it was good even though it wasn't to my usual taste.

I think this would be suitable for teenage girls that like to read about love ,friendship and hope.

I would rate it 7/10.

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