Monday, 11 April 2016

Raymie Nightingale review for

A wonderful story about friendships between three girls and how they helped each other  throughout their ups and downs .

The three friends met at a baton twirling lesson .They  all wanted to win the Pageant but Ramie wants to win it to get the attention of her father, by getting her photograph in the paper.He had run off with a dental hygienist , leaving Raymie and her mum with mixed emotions.Raymie decides to hatch a plan to get her father back and the plot centres around what she does.

 The story is very exciting at times eg.when they break in to the animal shelter to try to rescue a cat.
I really enjoyed it , it had funny bits as well as sad.My favourite character in the book was 12 year old Raymie because although she was going through a lot of problems in her life she was very strong.  10/10 would read again

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