Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My reveiw for scarlet ibis by Gill Lewis

 A heart warming story about a 12 year old girl called Scarlet , who is on a journey to get back her brother Conner/Red ,from a care home.

Following a fire at home , Scarlet is fostered out to a family and her autistic brother Red is put into a care home. Their mum is in hospital after inhaling smoke in the fire and unable to care for them.

Scarlet and Red are checked on regularly by Mrs.Gideon who they  call "the penguin" , because their mother does not look after them properly. So Scarlet has a lot of responsibilities at home. I could feel how much she loved her brother and the bond between them was strong.

Scarlet and Red are split up because Red is autistic and needs special care. The author describes well how autism effects Red and their lives. This gave me a better understanding of autism and how it was for Scarlet caring for him.

Red loves birds and collects their   feathers. He especially wants to see a Scarlet Ibis. At night time for a bedtime story he asks Scarlet to tell him an imaginary story about them travelling in a boat to Trinidad to see the Scarlet Ibis flying over Caroni swamp.

The story was very descriptive and I felt as though I was with Scarlet all the way through it. A lot of the story  was sad but still very enjoyable. It is about feelings, emotions and family love.

I would recommend this book to girls 9 and over and I rate it 10/10!
I will definitely be reading more of Gill Lewis's books.
My review for
This is how I imagine Scarlet & Red look.

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