Monday, 10 March 2014

My Review For Lilliput By Sam Gayton.

Lilliput Lily was 6 moons old when she was taken from Lilliput and now six moons later she is still imprisoned in the bird cage in Mr Plinker the clockmaker's attic.

Escape plan #33 began well as she escaped from the cage. she began to fly using two pigeon feathers she had collected sometime ago, but just as she flew through the open window Gulliver caught her by the end of one feather and yet another plan fails.

In her anger and frustration at being caught she accidently kicks over the candle and sets alight Gulliver's book of travels,so as punishment he puts her in the horrible itchy black sock and hangs it on the door handle.
The next morning Gulliver apologises for the harsh punishment , as the book was not damaged badly, and fears she may try even harder to escape.

Mr Plinker's apprentice , Finn finds a note from Lily that she had attached to a mouse asking for help,unfortunately Horatio Mr Plinker's cat eats him .Finn then rescues her after putting sleeping drops in Gulliver's tea.Her adventures continue with the help of Finn and Mr Ozinda who have to overcome many obstacles to return her to Lilliput safely.
They firstly need to get the book of travels and the bird out of the clock !

Lily was my favourite character, she was kind,brave and although she was only three inches tall was determined to do anything to return home.

Lilliput is a 5/5 star book to me,I loved it and couldn't put it down.I adored the water coloured illustrations and the quotes at the beginning of each part.I hope there is a Lilliput 2! It was very exciting and very well written,a real page turner.I didn't want it to end.

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