Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My review of The Borrowers By Mary Norton.

A great read for all of the family, young or old.I loved it!  

  I really enjoyed reading this book with my family. 
Although it is an old book.I am glad Puffin books are releasing some older stories again.
 It is about a tiny family called the Clocks .They live under the floorboards behind the kitchen clock in an old house.

Everything they need they get from the house above them .The story tells of their adventures as they struggle to survive.

My favourite character is Arrietty who is 12(like me)because even though she is small she has a big impact in the story and was funny too.
When she meets the boy, next to the cherry blossom tree ,she acts as if she is ten times bigger than him but he is the giant!

This was for

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