Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My review for The IMAGINARY By A.F Harrold.

Wow, what a great book!
A brilliant story unlike anything I have read before.
I 'imagine' everyone (aged 9+) will enjoy this amazing adventure.

Media of The Imaginary
It is wonderfully illustrated, giving the 
characters even more depth.
Chillingly scary at times but also 
funny, especially when rudger is imagined 
as a girl! 
I didn't know what would happen next and 
this kept me reading. I was stuck to it like 
gum on hair!
Rudger is a boy bought to life by Amada's imagination.Together they 
play,having lots of imaginary adventures.Until one day they meet 
Mr. Bunting and a real adventure begins !
Mr.Bunting survives by eating imaginaries.He chases Rudger and
 Amanda through a car park and Amanda gets knocked down by a car.
They become separated when she is taken to hospital and 
without her Rudger begins to fade(he needs her to imagine 
him in order to exist).
The story is about Rudger trying to get back to Amanda 
before he fades completely,or before Mr. Bunting gets him.
If this book was a film I would be on the edge of my seat as it is so new 
and exciting.
"Crack your imaginations out for this are going to need it !"
I rate it 5/5
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