Monday, 27 July 2015

Fire Girl-By Matt Ralphs.

A magical and exciting adventure story,great for both girls and boys.

Hazel is a twelve year old girl who lives in a protective magical glade with her mother Hecate ,safe from the witch hunters.....or so she thinks!

Mary ,a blind friend of Hecate ,is visited during the night. She is given back her sight for information of the whereabouts of Hecate.

As Hecate was bathing in the magical glade she was captured by a demon. Hazel witnessed this and as her fear and emotions ran high she discovered her own magical witch powers. She creates a fire storm and tries to hit the demon with it but although it burns him he still escapes taking her mother with him.

Hazels life is now very different as she has to find a way to rescue her mother from the demon before it's too late.
She leaves the protective glade and meets a boy called David and his master Titus, who are both demon hunters. She then enlists their help in finding her mother.

It was an exciting story ,I liked the way that at the beginning of each chapter there were a few lines of information.
 Also I liked the relationship Hazel had with her little dormouse Bramley and how they interacted with each other throughout the story.

A good read for anyone who likes stories about witches and magic ,although there are a few sad moments too.
I would rate this book 7/10 and think it is suitable for ages 9+ but it does has some scary bits in it.

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