Friday, 3 April 2015

My review for Notebooks of a Middle -School Princess by Meg Cabot

Olivia Grace is just a normal/average everyday girl .....or is she ?

Olivia is looked after by her aunty following the death of her mother.She thinks she is ordinary ,until Annabelle Jenkins pushes her over and calls her a 'princess'.
Olivia knows something isn't right when Annabelle wants a fight after school!
Just as the fight begins Princess Mia Thermopolis comes in a limo and takes Olivia,and it turns out that she IS a princess.Her sister ,dad and grandma are waiting for her in a 5 star hotel.

The story is written like a diary and has black and white drawings in it which I like.I also liked Snowball her pet poodle because it reminded me of my poodle Jack.

Although there are American phrases/words throughout this did not affect my understanding of the plot.I enjoyed reading this book and would definitely read it again. I think this book would appeal to girls of the age 9+

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