Monday, 9 February 2015

The Song Bird Cafe Girls-Mollie Cinnamon is not a cupcake:By Sarah Webb.

An exciting story about Mollie who is  on the island of Little Bird .She would rather be anywhere else because there is nothing to do and she doesn't have any friends.......yet!
Mollie is on the Island being looked after by her great-granny as her mum is a TV presenter and is off travelling for her work for a while. She doesn't really know her gran and has only ever spoken to her on the phone a few times.

She is really bored at her great-grannies and it's only her first day!
Luckily that afternoon her nan takes her to the Song Bird café , which is only a short walk from the house. Here she meets Alanna the café owner, Sunny a home schooled girl and they become good friends.

She is sent to school and gets picked on by Lauren and Chloe , her mum made a mistake on the weather, which they found on youtube and repeatedly played to her on their mobile phones. She doesn't like school as she is not liked because she is from the city and even Bonny ,who likes everyone ,is turned against her by Lauren telling lies about her.

Mollie's mum Flora keeps letting her down, cancelling their trip to Paris together and not visiting . But then the café is threatened to be demolished and turned into a hotel and things become more interesting . she and her new friend Landy (Laurens twin brother)make plans to save the café with help from Sunny.

Although Mollie is unhappy at first ,things improve as her nan phones her old school and Mollie is able to be home schooled .Mollie and her new friends decide to help save the café together and this also helps her to cope with her disappointments from Flora her mum.

I loved reading this book it was very descriptive and it felt like you where there . I liked the information in the back of the book too.

I think it would appear to the readers of age 9+
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