Monday, 24 November 2014

Scarlet and Ivy:The Lost Twin By Sophie Cleverly

When Scarlet goes missing from Rookwood boarding school ,it is up to Ivy  her twin sister to find out what has happened to her.
Ivy is sent to Rookwood to replace Scarlet(who was supposed to have died of flu/pneumonia) to avoid any upset at the school.
Ivy realizes Scarlet may not be dead after all when she finds her diary......but lots of pages are gone!
Scarlet has hidden them around the school hoping that they would eventually lead to her rescue.
Ivy,now known as Scarlet, together with her new friend and room mate Ariadne,look for the missing diary pages. They hope that they can discover where Scarlet is and what has really happened to her.
With lots of lessons and activities in school to attend how will they do it? 
Will they ever find out the truth about Scarlet's disappearance ?

I loved reading this book, never knowing what was happening next.There are lots of ' cliff hangers ' at the ends of the chapters too.

I was thoroughly engrossed in this book and before i knew it it was the end ! As the ending was so unexpected it made me like this book even more.

I would recommend this adventure/mystery story for anyone aged 9+ and rate it 5/5

Scarlet and Ivy:The whispers in the walls is to follow in October 2015 and i look forward to reading that one too.

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