Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mountwood School For Ghosts by Toby Ibbotson.

A funny story about three Great Haggs who believe that ghosts these days have become soppy and are no longer scary.

Goneril,Fredogonda and Drusilla decide to start a school for ghosts because they think that ghosts today aren't scary enough.They need to find the perfect location for the school and that proves to be difficult, as one place they looked at was next to a cinema playing horror films !

Eventually they find a place far enough away from people and begin to teach ghosts how to haunt and scare.

When Percy(the child ghost) gets left behind at the bus stop,after being pushed out of the way by the other ghosts,he is found in Daniels house wall,crying.Daniel and his friend Charlotte return Percy to Mountwood and soon afterwards are returning for help themselves.......

The story is about how the ghosts and humans work together to help each other.
It is a funny and exciting story and is written in three parts.I liked the layout of the book.
I really enjoyed reading this book and i read it to my dog ! 

I think it is suitable for ages 8 +
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