Friday, 5 August 2016

The Accidental Pirates- Voyage to Magical North. By Claire Fayers.

  •   'A magical, funny and exciting pirate adventure full of battles, storms and unusual creatures.

Normally twelve year old  Brine Seaborne would be cleaning the magicians grubby bathroom as well as other jobs, he had her  constantly working.

She was found on a rowing boat abandoned and had no memory of her life before, not even her name!

Voyage to Magical North by Claire FayersShe finds herself whisked into a magical pirate adventure after Peter(the magicians young apprentice)and her steal the magical  star shell, whilst the magician was sleeping.He wakes up and gives chase unsuccessfully as they escape into a rowing boat.

They get lost at sea but Captain Cassie O'Pia and her crew haul them aboard their pirate vessel to safety.
They join Cassie O'Pia and her crew heading to Magical North and Brine hopes that she will be able to find out who she is and where she came from.
Get yourself comfy and get ready to set sail on this swashbuckling adventure!

I enjoyed reading this witty adventure and would recommend   it for both boys and girls 9+

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Monday, 11 April 2016

Raymie Nightingale review for

A wonderful story about friendships between three girls and how they helped each other  throughout their ups and downs .

The three friends met at a baton twirling lesson .They  all wanted to win the Pageant but Ramie wants to win it to get the attention of her father, by getting her photograph in the paper.He had run off with a dental hygienist , leaving Raymie and her mum with mixed emotions.Raymie decides to hatch a plan to get her father back and the plot centres around what she does.

 The story is very exciting at times eg.when they break in to the animal shelter to try to rescue a cat.
I really enjoyed it , it had funny bits as well as sad.My favourite character in the book was 12 year old Raymie because although she was going through a lot of problems in her life she was very strong.  10/10 would read again

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Snow Sister By Emma Carroll

An exciting and at times sad story , set in Victorian England at Christmas.

Pearl was a young girl whose sister Agnes had died . Each winter since then she had made a snow sister and dressed it with an item of Agnes's clothing . This had helped to ease her pain at the loss of her sister which was even worse at Christmas time.

When Pearl Grangers family receive a letter saying that her father's rich brother had died , they think he has left them a fortune. So her father goes down to Bath for the will reading and her mother prepares a Christmas feast.

She sends Pearl down to the shops to get some ingredients for a Christmas pudding but soon after her adventure get back home in time for Christmas day !

It was quite a short read but so well described that I could feel the cold winter and the warmth of the fire as I read the words.
The monochromatic illustrations added more depth to the story.

I really liked this book and think it would be a great for girls/boys age 9+
I rate it 7/10

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An Eagle In The Snow By Michael Morpurgo

An EAGLE in the SNOW is a beautifully written story , with a story within it. It is about how one man could have changed the course of history, not by what he had done ,but by what he could have done

Upon being evacuated from their bombed out home , Barney and his mother take the train to Cornwall to Barney's aunts-away from the bombings .

On the train to London a German bomber plane tries to bomb their train!

As they wait in a tunnel, a stranger begins to tell a story about his friend called Billy Byron ,and like a ball of wool the story slowly unravels.
The story of Billy Byron , the man who could have saved the world from world war two?!?!

I enjoyed reading this story , full of twists and turns of a mans life . It is conveyed in a way that although terrible things happened during the war , it wasn't distressing to read . I wouldn't usually chose to read a wartime story but I am glad I read this one . The ending left me asking myself questions.

I found the Afterword about Henry Tandy interesting because it was his life that was woven into the story , it enabled me to appreciate how Michael Morpurgo had written it.

A great book for fans of Michael Morpurgo as it does not disappoint!

I rate it 9/10 for boys/girls 10+

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Red Moon Rising-By Paula Harrison.

A magical fast paced adventure about  faeries and friendship.

Red Moon Rising by Paula HarrisonLaney Rivers feels normal until on her twelfth birthday as she was walking home from school she notices a blood red moon and things begin to change.

Later that evening she had an accident and burnt her finger on her birthday candle as she was putting it on her cake.

She notices her iris in her eyes have turned a golden colour around the edges and she goes into her bedroom to take a closer look. Once she is in her bedroom she turns into a faerie with wings and a pale blue dress ,hovering above the floor!

With help from the faerie elders and her friend Claudia she begins to learn how to control being a faerie.
It turns out that on her home island of Skellmo a lot of her friends are also faeries.

But there is a problem ,the Shadow tribe is back and before Laney knows it she might just be the one to keep the faerie world together.

I didn't really get "grabbed " by this book but I'd give it 3/5 stars and think readers aged 9+ would enjoy it

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Fire Girl-By Matt Ralphs.

A magical and exciting adventure story,great for both girls and boys.

Hazel is a twelve year old girl who lives in a protective magical glade with her mother Hecate ,safe from the witch hunters.....or so she thinks!

Mary ,a blind friend of Hecate ,is visited during the night. She is given back her sight for information of the whereabouts of Hecate.

As Hecate was bathing in the magical glade she was captured by a demon. Hazel witnessed this and as her fear and emotions ran high she discovered her own magical witch powers. She creates a fire storm and tries to hit the demon with it but although it burns him he still escapes taking her mother with him.

Hazels life is now very different as she has to find a way to rescue her mother from the demon before it's too late.
She leaves the protective glade and meets a boy called David and his master Titus, who are both demon hunters. She then enlists their help in finding her mother.

It was an exciting story ,I liked the way that at the beginning of each chapter there were a few lines of information.
 Also I liked the relationship Hazel had with her little dormouse Bramley and how they interacted with each other throughout the story.

A good read for anyone who likes stories about witches and magic ,although there are a few sad moments too.
I would rate this book 7/10 and think it is suitable for ages 9+ but it does has some scary bits in it.

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Friday, 3 April 2015

My review for Notebooks of a Middle -School Princess by Meg Cabot

Olivia Grace is just a normal/average everyday girl .....or is she ?

Olivia is looked after by her aunty following the death of her mother.She thinks she is ordinary ,until Annabelle Jenkins pushes her over and calls her a 'princess'.
Olivia knows something isn't right when Annabelle wants a fight after school!
Just as the fight begins Princess Mia Thermopolis comes in a limo and takes Olivia,and it turns out that she IS a princess.Her sister ,dad and grandma are waiting for her in a 5 star hotel.

The story is written like a diary and has black and white drawings in it which I like.I also liked Snowball her pet poodle because it reminded me of my poodle Jack.

Although there are American phrases/words throughout this did not affect my understanding of the plot.I enjoyed reading this book and would definitely read it again. I think this book would appeal to girls of the age 9+

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